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Why Sync Inc

Integrating with third-party platforms has looked the same for the past 15+ years: bespoke and limited JSON APIs. We're changing that.

At Sync Inc, we help developers skip APIs. Instead of having to learn the ins-and-outs of a third-party API to access their data, developers can connect to a real-time replica Postgres database instead.

No API docs. No bespoke querying, sorting, filtering, pagination, or rate limits. Just a database, with schemas that each contain your data from the third-party platforms you use, like Stripe, Zendesk, Airtable, Shopify, Quickbooks, etc.

Every row from the databases of every provider in your stack, all in one place.

We give developers the convenience of being able to access all their data in plain SQL. This means developers can build things like internal tools, analytics systems, and workflows on top of all the data across their stack in minutes or hours, not days or weeks.

We launched in December 2020 with Airtable as our first platform. We've made spectacular progress and we're already working with some amazing companies.

Our culture

Our culture is in its infancy. Come help us shape it.

Here are some of the seeds we're working with:

โ˜ฏ๏ธ Hybrid

Coming out of 2020, we love the flexibility of working from home. But we also like seeing our teammates often. We really value in-person collaboration and forging relationships offline.

At the moment, beautiful Los Angeles is our primary hub. Our spacious, bright office is located just east of Marina Del Rey. We spend half our time in the office, half our time remote. This works out to about 2-3 days in the office all together, 2-3 days heads-down from home, and weeks whenever we want totally remote.

However, as the dust settles this year, we're also open to fully remote candidates. When safe, we'll fly you out once per month. We want to have ample in-person time to quickly get you up to speed and get to know you.

๐Ÿ† Our best work

We want everyone at Sync Inc to do the best work of their lives here. We want you to look back fondly at this period one day and think:

"We accomplished so much โ€“ I accomplished so much!"

We do our best work when we conscientiously pick our most important tasks and block out time to get them done uninterrupted. We structure our weeks to try to concentrate planning and meetings to just a day or two. We structure our days to keep our mornings focused on our most important task.

If you like energy-maximization or productivity hacks, you'll fit right in.

โœ Write it down

Putting thoughts in writing means they'll be sharp: clear to you and clear to the reader. This means better feedback on those ideas and better alignment across the team.

We're thoughtful about communication and keep it as async as we can. We lean into email and our ticketing system (Clubhouse) and away from disruptions (Slack).

๐Ÿˆ We all play the same game

We operate our company around a single primary metric: weekly growth in MRR.

Because we're a developer tools company, growing MRR means we're providing more value to more developers. It keeps our growth on track and honest.

Everyone's on the same page. We're all playing the same game.

This means what you work on will always directly impact our customers and our bottom-line. If you've never worked this way, it's a fun, refreshing, and energizing way to work.


We raised a $1.4M pre-seed round, led by David Sacks/Craft Ventures.


We're very early and still building out our benefits package. But you can expect to be taken care of, with things like:

  • Ownership through options
  • Health insurance including dental and vision
  • Top-of-the-line hardware for your role
  • Ergonomic desk setup, at home and in the office
  • Stipend for purchasing books

Now hiring

Engineer โ„– 1

We're looking for our first engineer to join us on the journey. We have the kind of fun and interesting technical challenges ahead of us that every bright engineer craves. We're looking for a special breed of entrepreneurial, ambitious self-starters. Learn more ยป