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with all the power of SQL.

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SELECT * FROM Airtable

With one click we'll sync your Airtable base to a Postgres database so you can query all your data in SQL.

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Copy and paste your API key and base token from Airtable into Sync Inc.


Behind the scenes, we'll sync your entire Airtable base into a Postgres database.


Connect to your database and start building with SQL. We'll keep everything in sync.

Good 'ol SQL

Say hello to your old pals JOIN and UNION.

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Proper Postgres

Sync Inc provisions you a Postgres database hosted on AWS so you can connect to all your data from any standard SQL client.

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Skip the API

Stop fussing with pagination, filtering, 100-record limits, and API keys. Say goodbye to filterBy.

Instead of sipping from a data straw, connect directly to the reservoir with a Sync Inc database.

Sync Inc architecture

Best of both worlds

Continue to use all the amazing capabilities made possible by Airtable! From forms, to apps, to automations, to kanbans and more. We'll maintain the sync as your data changes. Everyone is happy.
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Unleash Airtable

With SQL in your toolbelt, you can take Airtable to new places.

Here are some of our favorite things customers are doing with their Sync Inc databases:

Power BI & Analytics

Use SQL to uncover the metrics and reports hiding across your tables and bases.

Build apps fast

With the power of Postgres paired with the flexibility of Airtable, you can prototype and build complete apps ridiculously fast.

Integrate with platforms

Connect Airtable to tools that play nice with Postgres: Retool, Hasura, Apollo, Snowflake, Looker, Tableau, oh my!

Supercharge Airtable apps

Use SQL to quickly plug your data into Airtable scripts, automations, and custom apps in new ways.

Free tier is free forever

See for yourself

Don't believe us? Sign up without a credit card, connect Airtable, and watch the magic happen.

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